Are you looking to renew PMP What are the different ways you can renew PMP? Let’s take a look at the 8 steps required to renew PMP.
What does “Renew PMP” mean?
Are you a PMP certified professional? Are you a PMP certified professional? You should know all about PMP Renewal. You don’t need to retake the PMP Certification exam to renew PMP. What is required to renew PMP certification, then? You must earn and report 60 Professional Development Units in order to renew PMP certification. 1 PDU is earned for every hour of learning.

When is it time to renew PMP?
When did you get your PMP certification? The date you received your credential is the basis for renewal. PMI provides a 3-year certification period within which you must renew your PMP credential. To fulfill the Certification Cycle Requirement, (CCR), 60 PDU must be earned within 3 years from the date you received your PMP.
Steps to renew your PMP certification
Let’s look at the steps required to renew PMP to ensure that you keep the most coveted credential, PMP. When should you begin your PMP renewal process? It is best to begin your renewal PMP process as soon as you receive your PMP credential. If you are nearing the end of your 3-year Certification Cycle, don’t lose heart. Many providers offer the 60 PDU bundle to renew your PMP certification and keep your hard-earned PMP certification.

So where do we start?
Step 1: How to Renew the PMP
Learn the Categories to Earn PMP PDU
Are you aware of the different categories from which you can earn your PDUs? PMI offers a variety of options so you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. There are however, certain requirements regarding the maximum and minimum PDUs that you can earn in each of these categories.
Let’s look at the different categories you can earn and report your PMP renewal PDUs.
Your entry was not saved. Please try again. We have sent you links! You should have already received an email from If you have not received an email from us, please check your spam folders. You can also add on your safe senders list to ensure you receive our emails. You may be wondering why PMI requires that you have at least one PDU. This is to ensure you are continually updating your knowledge and skills in project administration. Why is PMI important?
PMI is the internationally recognized body for Project Management. All industries are interested in PMI certifications. This is why you chose PMP certification in the first place. Why is PMP certification still valid after more than 50 years? PMI ensures that PMP credential holders stay current with industry needs by updating PMBOK and CCR requirements. You must renew your PMP to stay current with industry requirements as a project manager.
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Education is one of the best ways to learn skills and knowledge in project management and keep up-to-date. You have many options to earn PDU and learn in Education. To help you renew your PMP, we will discuss each option.
You can also claim PMP renewal PDU for ‘Giving back’, which is contributing in a variety ways to the project management community. We will discuss ways you can give back, enhance the knowledge base, or impart knowledge to other project managers.

Let’s start with Education. This will help you understand the PMP PDU courses that you need to earn PDU and fulfill your 60 PDU requirement. To earn PDU, should I attend a regular classroom or a training course? Is there an easier and more convenient option? We understand your concern! Many project managers have tight deadlines and schedules. You are responsible for b