According to KeyBanc research analysts, Microsoft’s Azure cloud surpassed Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), in the fourth quarter 2017.
According to a CNBC article, AWS ended the fourth quarter 2017 with a 62 percent market share. This is down from the 68 per cent reported a year ago.
“Microsoft Azure jumped 16 percent to 20%, and Google’s market share increased from 10% to 12 percent,” CNBC reported about KeyBanc analyst research.
Amazon will release Q4 2017 numbers by February 1. It reported that revenue increased by 42 percent in the third quarter.
CNBC reported that the KeyBanc report compared three major cloud providers’ artificial intelligence tools. It found that Microsoft had’more pre-built models than any other public cloud vendors’, and made them available from more data centres around the globe.
Microsoft is often referred to as the top competitor of AWS. In various reports, Microsoft is the overall cloud computing provider. It challenges and even surpasses AWS in certain segments, such as AI. Google’s cloud platform is often cited as the primary challenger to AWS supremacy.