Andy Jassy, a long-standing leader at Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), has been promoted to CEO.
Jassy, who previously held the title of senior vice-president, has helped AWS become one of three notable success stories that Amazon, its parent company, has chosen, alongside Prime and Marketplace.
Amazon stated in a blog post last week that “and as we’ve grown a company, and those three major pillars have also increased,” and that it was a smart decision to change the titles to Jeff Wilke and Andy Jassy, the CEO Worldwide Consumer and CEO Amazon Web Services. This is not a reorganization, but rather a recognition and appreciation of their roles over the years. Andy and Jeff, we are very proud of you!
We reported that AWS has grown to be a $10 billion moneymaker. Amazon’s blog noted that Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, wrote an introduction in a recent letter to shareholders. It read: “This year, Amazon became one of the fastest companies to reach $100 billion in annual revenue.” Amazon Web Services has reached $10 billion in annual sales this year. According to reports, the service has around 1 million users.
Jassy’s LinkedIn page shows that he is an Amazon employee since 2003. He graduated from Harvard Business School.