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Posted on July 17, 2018 by FamillerThere are many things in life that confuse us, many things largely misunderstood; often it is lack of education, sometimes it’s simply beyond our perceived grasp and many times blind ignorance is to blame, normally stemming from deeply engrained false assumptions. While all of these factors affect a great many things each and every one comes into play as it pertains to bodybuilders on steroids. Steroids themselves fill each aspect of this category and as bodybuilding alone is an enigma, simply the notion of bodybuilders on steroids is enough to bring forth opinion after opinion steeped in falsehood.
Consider the topic at hand; everyone who speaks on it, especially those who are on the anti-side of the crowd is experts on the subject. Take for example Dr. Gary Wadler, the U.S. Congresses premier source of medical backing to enforce anti-anabolic steroid legislation; by his own words there is no evidence to support the claims that have been made but because the substances are so dangerous no evidence should be obtained. Does that make any sense; of course not and it’s one of the only topics on earth that could ever get away with such blatant irresponsible thinking. By the logic of Wadler and those in his camp it’s an outright miracle bodybuilders on steroids aren’t exploding into balls of fire around the world on a daily basis; sounds pretty ridiculous right, there’s no evidence to support such thinking but what’s the difference in a statement like that in comparison to others being made? There’s no difference, a lie is lie, regardless of its level of absurdity.Get More Info
For many the question always remains, wherein lies the truth? While many have bought into the war on steroids and all the hysteria it carries with it just as many if not more really don’t know what to believe; most people are not as stupid as they’re often credited to be. Again, wherein lies the truth? There is truth, there are answers and like so many things in life you’ll need to educate yourself to gain a true full understanding. However, we’ve taken some of the biggest myths and legends regarding bodybuilders and steroids and left you with only the truth. While you’ll find there is still much more to learn this should give you a good starting point and allow you to shoot down falsehoods when they come into play.
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