• Respondents viewed “Lacking knowledge or expertise in cloud security best practice” as the main reason for cloud security misconfigurations at 62 percent.
  • 59 percent cited “Lack of expertise and skills” as the main barrier to solving security issues. Close behind was limited budget and staff.
  • 61% of respondents cited training and education as the most popular method to improve security. Next came manual remediation and automatic remediation.
  • 56 percent of respondents said that lack of expertise was the greatest barrier to using autoremediation techniques to fix security issues in the cloud.

“The industry is not devoid of cloud security professionals with experience. In many cases, one security professional can be seen supporting hundreds of developers who use public clouds in many companies,” Nikhil Girdhar (product marketing leader for VMware’s cloud security solutions), said in a statement. A lack of cloud IT security specialists can also have a negative impact on a company’s cloud security posture, as central teams often have the responsibility of training other companies on best practices in cloud security. The report’s other findings included that most respondents were satisfied with the security solutions offered by their cloud vendors, including identity management and data loss prevention. Nearly 79 percent of respondents used Microsoft Azure platform, while 74 percent used AWS and 41% were Google Cloud customers. Respondents were generally “moderately confident” that they could defend against cloud security threats. Register to access the full VMware report.