Poor workload management could be the reason your team misses deadlines or doesn’t finish their work on time. This can affect one person or the entire team. Your team members are well aware of their responsibilities, and how much time they will need to complete them. However, they still miss their deadlines. You find yourself in a vicious circle, trying to get your team back on track and completing all your projects on schedule. You feel stuck, and this type of management will not get you anywhere. It can be painful, it takes a lot of energy, and it causes distress among your team members.
You might consider reevaluating your management if all members of the team have difficulty handling the workload. Your project manager might not be experienced enough or lack the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently divide the workload among the team. This can lead to client frustration, team frustration, and even project failure.
Your PMs need to be educated. Show them similar projects and help them understand the importance of working within timeframes. Encourage them to change their approach and to motivate others to meet the deadlines. In this instance, insist that your PM organize weekly meetings with the team. Also, gather personal assessments from each member of the team for their perspective tasks. You may also want to hold a meeting prior to project. You can also have a discussion with your clients. Invite them to a shared ActiveCollab project, and let them discuss their challenges and address client expectations. This will help your team adjust their deadlines if necessary and move their work forward.
This is a case where the problem is not due to poor project management but rather poor team member performance. Although it is not a managerial issue, the project manager must still manage it. First, you need to identify the type of a “problematic employee” you are dealing with.For example, you might have a slacker/procrastinator, an overworked/overloaded employee, an incompetent employee, or someone that has a problem with work/life balance or personal matters.Solution
Step 1: Make your processes transparentTo identify the culprit, you must make the entire process transparent. Step 1: Make your processes transparent. This will allow you to identify the culprit. This will set off “the public shame” effect. Next, request daily updates from each member on tasks and the time spent on each task via comments. There are unwritten rules that govern how long tasks should take in each niche. Finally, set deadlines accordingly.! [How to stop missing deadlines with better workload management – ActiveCollab screenshot of a discussion within a task](site.baseurl/assets/images/posts/how-to-stop-missing-deadlines-with-better-workload-management-discussion-task.png)Wait! Now you have an instrument to help you detect problems. Now all you need to do is analyze collect