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The Oracle Data Integration 12c Essentials (1Z0-448) exam was designed for individuals who have a solid foundation and expertise in trading and implementing Oracle Data Integration12c solutions. This certification exam covers topics such as:
Oracle Data Integration 12c Architecture – First things first
Secondly, Oracle Data Integration 12c Project Development
Afterwards, Oracle Data Integration 12c Models & Datastores was added.
This exam requires that you have relevant training and experience in the field. OPN members are OPN Certified Specialists when they receive the Oracle Data Integration 12c Implementation Specialist certificate.
OPN members are distinguished by this certification because they have a competitive edge due to their proven expertise. This certification also helps OPN members’ partner organizations qualify for Data Integration 12c.
Basic Information: 1Z0-448 Exam
This exam is for associate-level certification and consists of 75 multiple-choice question. The exam must be completed in 120 minutes. The registration fee is USD 245. To be eligible for certification, you must score at least 69%.
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All Exam Topics
Course Outline gives you a clear view of the course and how it will affect your performance in the exam. It will also help you prepare for the exam. This course outline includes many subtopics. This allows you to focus on each module based on its percentile value. Let’s take a look at the course outline.
Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator, (ODI).
Firstly, we will describe the benefits of ODI as well as its typical uses.
Secondly, we will describe the ODI components as well as their uses
ODI Models and Datastores
First, create ODI datastores
Secondly, organizing ODI models
Using reverse engineering metadata is then possible.
Also, explain ODI constraints
Configuring auditing is the final step.
Execution Management
First, use ODI packages for a complete workflow
Second, variables in packages (refresh, start parameters)
You can also create package steps for different types
Not to mention, the execution and monitoring of a package
Furthermore, complex workflows can be used in ODI packages. This includes loops and branches.
A load plan can also be designed with a series of hierarchical steps
You can also compare packages and load plans
Managing exceptions with load plans is another important aspect.
Last but not the least, configuring load plan to restart child sessions
Doing more with ODI
First, configure the ODI Software Development Kit.
Installing the web-based components of ODI is second.
Third, a description of how ODI works with Big D