Managers and job candidates can both benefit from a project management internship or program to train them. Employers may find it beneficial to hire interns to support the growth of their business.
There are many reasons to choose an intern over an employee.
Temporary or seasonal hiring
Helping to groom a less-experienced applicant for a full-time position in the future
Referring talented students to college credits
Internships can be very rewarding. These are the things you should consider when looking for the perfect intern project manager.
What is the Average Internship Pay?
The pay scale for a project manager intern can vary from unpaid to $30 an hour. Unpaid interns may earn college credits in exchange for their time towards graduation. The work schedule is usually a school semester that lasts 10 to 12 weeks. Hours may also be part-time.
Paid job training programs can bring in higher quality candidates. You can expect to earn between $15 and $40 per hour depending on the intern’s rank, job role, and company size.
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Where to find interns
You can search for interns in the same way as you search for full-time employees. To find your next intern, you can try any of these options:
Company job page: Just like any other job, post the details of your internship on your company’s job page. Also include instructions for how to apply.
Career centers: Search for students who are eligible through college or high school career centers. Talk to guidance counselors to help you find the right student.
Portfolio reviews: Meet creatives with experience and knowledge in motion graphics and digital design at public graduation portfolio presentations
Career fairs: You will be paid to represent your internship program at career fairs where candidates will visit you.
Job boards: Promote your project management internship program through job boards and career-oriented social media sites like Indeed and Chegg Internships.
Referrals: Get referral candidates from someone you are familiar with or from within the company.
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What should a Project Management Intern be assigned?
An intern will eagerly learn the business and role from a dedicated manager. As you would for a full time position, create a job description.
An intern can be a great resource for conducting research on a topic, developing new ideas, observing experts in the field, and critiquing current policies and processes.
Important Skills to Teach Interns
An intern will be fresh and eager to learn everything you can. An intern in project management will learn the following skills:
Skills that are specific to an industry
You want to help them succeed in managing and owning any type of project.
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