Nutanix Certifications is one of the most popular certifications for 2020. This is a result of the rapid development in hyper-converged storage infrastructure. It’s clear that everyone wants to work in this cutting-edge technology.
We will be explaining the structure and path of the Nutanix certification program so you can make an informed decision when choosing the certification that suits your needs.
What is the Nutanix certification?
Although it’s not rocket science, working in a Hyper-converged infrastructure environment isn’t easy. To build a successful career in this field, you need to have a solid understanding of both the basics and the intricacies. To help all those who are interested in a career in it the Nutanix training program was created. It will help you to build your foundational skills and scale it up as your career progresses.
Structure of Nutanix Certification Program
The Nutanix Certification Program has a simple and straightforward structure that is easy to comprehend. Each level of certification comes with its own training that is tailored to the specific experience levels.
Refer to the certification path below for more information about the hierarchical structure and certification program.
Nutanix Certification Program
Multicloud Infrastructure Certified Professional NCP-MCI – Nutanix Certified Professional
Note: NCP-MCI was previously known as NCP-Nutanix Certified Professional
NCP is the first certification available among the trio. Candidates pursuing this certification need to have 3-6 months experience in AOS implementation.
These are typically infrastructure personnel who can deploy and manage nutanix AOS blocks, clusters, and nodes. They can also use a prism element for monitoring, managing, troubleshooting AHV hosts and virtual machines. It is also recommended that the candidate have some experience in general systems administration.
Associated Training – ECA – Nutanix EnterpriseCloud Administration 5.15
NPX – Nutanix Platform Expert
Nutanix Training Program awards the elite certification NPX. The elite NPX certification certifies that you are capable of designing and delivering enterprise-class solutions using the Nutanix platform. This certification can be earned using multiple hypervisors as well as vendor software stacks.
Candidates pursuing this certification include pre-sales engineers and post-sales consultants who are highly skilled in technology, as well as solution architects with extensive experience in hyper-converged infrastructure.
Associate Training – Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solutions Design Boot Camp – NECSD – Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Solutions Design Boot Camp
You should now be able make an informed decision about which certification you want. If you have any questions, our training consultant will be happy to assist you.