• Works with any cluster: cdk8s can run locally on user machines. It also generates standard Kubernetes data YAML data so developers and others can use it with any Kubernetes cluster anywhere, even on-premises.
  • Imperative approach to declarative states: cdk8s’ code uses imperative languages, but outputs the desired state in pure Kubernetes YaML. This allows for the expressiveness and simplicity that comes with imperative programming, but without compromising the robustness of the declarative desired-state approach.
  • You can use any Kubernetes version and custom resources: cdk8s comes with a CLI tool which can import any Kubernetes version to a project and then update to take advantage the new API versions as needed. Users can also import custom resource definitions.

The development of the open-source alpha offering is done on GitHub. The repo contains several examples. Awesome cdk8s is another GitHub repo. It provides a one-stop shop to access cdk8s resources.