zData Inc. offers an AWS Marketplace that is based on the Greenplum Database. This massively parallel data warehouse was open sourced by Pivotal Software Inc.
Yesterday, zData released a statement saying that Greenplum Database on AWS was designed for Big Data analytics and offers many data science features that provide powerful and rapid analysis on petabyte-scale data volumes.
It competes with Amazon Redshift, a data warehouse service that is part of the Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS).
“ZData’s Marketplace product to distribute Greenplum Database offers parallel features with the licensed version, Pivotal Greenplum,” the company stated. “ZData saw a high demand to have an enterprise-grade cloud alternative to Amazon Redshift. This was made possible by Pivotal’s early 2016 release of Open Source Greenplum Database.”
According to the AWS Marketplace entry, this offering is integrated with zData’s BURST “Elastic Managed Services Platform.”
The company stated that BURST provides self-service management augmented with zData’s operations support staff. “This platform integrates alerts, data science dashboards, security, and data science.”
The Greenplum service is described as a click to load solution. It can be delivered as either a single Amazon Machine Image or as a Greenplum Database Cluster. Hourly fees vary depending on the type of instance and the EC2 region. An annual pricing option is also available.
Jacque Istok, Pivotal’s executive director, stated that zData has been a strategic partnership for many years. “We are excited to watch them innovate and expand the use of the Open Source Greenplum Database, which Pivotal released earlier this year to the community.”