Palo Alto firewalls can be used to increase the safety of your network. Palo Alto firewalls allow traffic to be controlled by content identification, application and user, as opposed to older firewalls that depend on port and protocol information.
What is Palo Alto certification?
Palo Alto certification is a validation of an IT professional’s knowledge and skills in security management using Palo Alto Products. It is a valuable credential for those who are interested in making progress in the field IT security.
Palo Alto certifications are designed to give IT professionals the opportunity to show the skills required to protect the internet. The Palo Alto certification exams offer three levels of certification that can be used to move from beginner to professional.
Palo Alto holds 3 certifications that give the skills necessary to build infrastructure, reduce hazards, and prevent successful cyberattacks. Below are the levels of these certifications.
Palo Alto Networks Certified Cyber Security Associate (PCCSA).
Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrators (PCNSA).
Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineers (PCNSE).

Palo Alto Networks Certified Cyber Security Associate (PCCSA).
For IT professionals just beginning in cyber security, the (PCCSA), Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Associate certification will be beneficial. The PCCSA is the smallest level in the Palo Alto Networks certification pathway and validates information.
Cloud Security and Data Center Security
Cybersecurity Landscape
Cyberthreats & the Cyber Attack Lifecycle
Cyber Attack Techniques and Kinds
Network Security Technology
Malware Analysis
Lifecycle and packet encapsulation
Advanced Threats and Wireless Threats
BenefitsPCCSA certification certifies that you have the most current information on cyber-security threats and cyber-threats.
Prerequisites: None.
PCCSA certification validates the aspirant’s knowledge about cyber safety and cyber hazards.
It also validates the knowledge required for entry-level positions in network security, whose technical requirements change as quickly as the technology upon them.
A PCCSA aspirant had access to the latest technology available now to manage cyber risks for the upcoming time period.
The Examination Fees for PCCSA are $100 (USD).

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrators (PCNSA).
The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator (PCNSA), is a certification for IT professionals who can share a deep understanding of the core characteristics and purpose Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls.
This PCNSA certification, which is an advanced level certification in the Palo Alto certification pathway, deals with several securities administration tasks.
Next-Generation Security Platform and Architecture
Firewall Configuration
Security and NAT Policies
URL Filtering
Monitoring and Reporting
Security Best Practices
BenefitsPCNSA certification certifies your ability to use firewalls to allow network traffic based upon when (Policy), who(User-ID), what (App-ID), all while verifying security (“Content-ID).
Prerequisites: Although highly recommended, the PCCSA is not required to be a prerequisite for PCNSA.
Palo Alto offers a new certification program, PCNSA, to continue the candidate’s journey in cybersecurity education.
Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Manager (PCNSA), can use Palo Alto Networks next generation firewalls to protect networks from all possible cyber threats.
The Examination fees for PCNSA are $140 (USD).

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineers (PCNSE).
This Palo Alto Networks certification