I used to arrive at my desk by 7.45am when I traveled to London. I was often the first to arrive, which I know others have noticed.
In reality, it was because I had to leave work at 4.30pm. This allowed me to commute there and back, and I always got a seat on the train. I could get home by 7pm and put my children to bed.
However, I almost always worked in the evenings and kept up with my emails on weekends. It was a pleasure to be away from home in a hotel. I was able to get a good night’s rest (parents with small children will appreciate this), and I could work until 10pm without being interrupted.
I was lured into the trap of doing too much work and being seen doing work. It felt like my colleagues had sent me emails at 10pm.
Look at me, how dedicated I am. I’m working late too.
This is not a way to live and it’s certainly not a way to work. ROWE is the solution. This article will explain what ROWE means and how it can transform your team into something that produces exceptional results and holds you accountable.

What is ROWE?
Where did ROWE originate?
What is a ROWE workplace and what does it mean?
Results Only Work Environment Pros & Cons of ROWE
Cons of ROWE

5 ways to increase team accountability Trust is built
2. Clear roles and responsibilities
3. Set clear goals
4. Find out how you will collaborate
5. Be data-driven

What companies use ROWE
How to get ROWE
Can you use ROWE to create projects?
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ROWE is a new way to approach work. Let’s first clarify what we are referring to. What does ROWE stand for?
What is ROWE?
Let’s define ROWE.
ROWE stands to represent Results Only Work Environment.
The ROWE approach was founded by the founders (more on them in a moment) and it is described as follows:
A Results-Only Work Environment refers to a work environment that is equal in accountability and autonomy for all employees.
ROWE is a method of managing human resources that rewards employees for their results, not their hours. In other words, a salary is determined by output and not how much time you spend at the desk. You can achieve your goals in one afternoon. If not, you can take the rest of the week off.
This culture encourages creativity and focus as well as innovative approaches for problem solving. This is the ideal culture for project teams!
Where did ROWE originate?
Two HR managers tried to find better ways to bring flexibility to the work environment of Best Buy USA.
Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler created the idea and implemented it at Best Buy. They went on to write several books and started a consulting company to share their ideas with companies that could benefit.
What is a ROWE workplace and what does it mean?
If I had to describe the elements in ROWE, it would be:
For their contributions, team members are rewarded
It is important to focus on activities that drive business results. Project selection is crucial.

These are the things you will likely see if your workplace subscribes ROWE-thinking
While no one talks about how many hours they work, they do track their time.
Vacation is your choice. There is no set policy.
The output of team members is more important than their presence. People can be away from the office as often as they want.
Individuals have total control over their work and the place they work from.

Results Only Work Environment Pros & Cons
Let’s take a look at the pros and con’s of ROWE to help you decide if it’s right for you.
Pros of ROWE
The best thing about ROWE’s work environments is the way employees are treated as adults. Because you don’t have to fill desks with people who require a lot of assistance, there is no need for ‘toddler” management techniques.
No creepy employee tracking software is monitoring you at your desk via your webcam.