Are you looking to improve your workforce planning, portfolio management and resource management? This review of Saviom will discuss the pros and cons.

Saviom Overview
Who is Saviom for?
What does Saviom do for you?
Resource Management
Initiating a resource
Competency database
Resource costs
Establishing a project
Visual Resource Reports
Saviom Resource Reporting
Notifications and alerts
Integrations and APIs for Saviom What-if Analysis

Dashboards and reports
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Pricing: The price you pay depends on how many licenses you need and your product requirements. They can only provide quotes upon request. There are three types of licenses available depending on the amount of system access required. You can try it free of charge.
Hosting model: Both on-premise and cloud hosting options are available. HTML5, web-based, works on any browser or tablet.
Summary Review of Saviom – If you are looking to take your capacity planning to a new level, this tool is for you. Saviom API will allow you to integrate multiple systems and provide portfolio-level resource management. Saviom is a powerful tool for large teams who need to manage human and other resources across multiple projects. Saviom Overview
Saviom Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), software is widely used. It is designed to efficiently manage both human and other resources. Saviom has many benefits:
It provides visibility across the enterprise of all resources used
Multi-dimensional resource scheduler allows you to find and allocate the right resources for the right projects
It maximizes billable and efficient utilization of resources
Resource Capacity planning helps to identify and treat excesses and resource shortages.
Resource forecasting allows you to plan ahead for pipeline projects by assigning tasks to generic or ghost resources. These generic resources can then be replaced with actual resources when they become available.
You can use What-if analysis to simulate different scenarios in case of resource constraint. The best option is to apply the real resource plan.
Real-time business intelligence allows you to make informed, role-based decisions

The company was founded in 1999, and has clients in more than 50 countries.
Who is Saviom for?
Saviom is a complete resource management solution that can be used by any organization. It provides a complete resource management solution that includes resource planning, scheduling, resource forecasting and capacity planning. It is suitable for large and mid-sized organizations that have multiple resources with different skill sets.
You’ve probably tried to manage your resources using a spreadsheet, or another legacy system, and you know how difficult it can be. Saviom is the solution to better and more efficient resource planning.
What does Saviom do for you?
Saviom is the enterprise resource management solution. It keeps a record of all your resources, projects, bookings, and other information. You can then see who is working on which project and when they are done. You can then plan ahead and set up projects for them to take over.
It makes it easier to manage your resources more efficiently. It allows you to see what work is being done across all departments on one screen. Saviom creates an enterprise schedule that is updated in real-time. This is what many executives in your company would love to see. ?
There are also other views that can be used to help project managers, department managers, or individuals.
Resource Management
Saviom’s strength lies in its approach to resource managing. It is a one-stop shop for resource scheduling and capacity planning.
Initiating a resource
You will