Are you looking for a robust and scalable PPM solution that can manage all phases of a project and show you what is being done at any given moment?
This review of Sciforma will discuss the pros and cons associated with this enterprise-centric portfolio management and project management tool.

Sciforma Overview
Who is Sciforma for?
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Pricing: Per user, per month. Pricing is subject to change.
Hosting model: Cloud or on-premise. Web-based.
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew, Japa, Polish, Portugeuse, Arabic
Summary of Sciforma: Sciforma, a PPM tool with powerful portfolio management features, will improve your PMO. It is fully configurable and ideal for hybrid projects. It also has a lot flexibility, making it a great choice if you have multiple departments. Sciforma Overview
Sciforma’s strength lies in its ability to manage portfolios. It has project management capabilities, and your project delivery team will find it easy-to-use. However, the real power lies in the fact that you can do a lot portfolio level planning and reporting with just few clicks.
Sciforma has many benefits:
It works right out of the box and has configurable options so that you can get started immediately
It allows you to plan your current and future work.
With just a few clicks, you can predict the impact of a new venture
You can identify and prioritize the most important strategic projects without emotion or office politics.
It allows you to plan your resources so that your staffing model can continue to operate at maximum capacity.
It allows for central reporting across the entire portfolio.

Who is Sciforma for?
Sciforma is for companies that manage multiple projects at once. It’s suitable for both small and large businesses and operates in the enterprise space.
It is an alternative to WorkFront, KeyedIn, and Planview. It provides a portfolio management and project-management tool. This is not necessary if you only have a few projects that you are managing from Microsoft Teams.
If you have multiple projects that you are managing in Microsoft Teams and everyone is getting frustrated with Planer’s limitations and the lack of consistent portfolio reporting, then Sciforma is the right tool for you.
Sciforma offers portfolio, strategy execution, execution, and resource management across the entire enterprise.
Portfolio Management
The portfolio management features of Sciforma impressed me. It was easy to use, and something that a mid-sized company could understand without it feeling complicated.
It provides full life cycle project management from ideas to execution. This makes it ideal for organizations that have many potential projects and need a central way of prioritizing and managing them.
The Ideas Center is your place to start. You can organize your projects by impact, internal or external, or simply look at the entire list.
The idea center in SciformaIt only takes 15 minutes to create a project submission sheet that captures all the information needed to record the potential project and log it into the system. If you don’t have a project intake form, you can create one using templates.
Bonus: Portfolio office personnel can overwrite the submissions of others. This is very useful if someone sends a request for a project that says it’s urgent, but it’s not in the grand scheme.