Companies have increased their digital transformation speed exponentially in the face of the COVID pandemic. This new technology requires more network protection specialists and better security. More organisations are realizing the benefits of CEH certification and more network security professionals are eager to become certified. The CEH certification is based on the methods IT professionals and enterprises use. It provides security professionals with practical experience in hacking basics and hands-on knowledge of security threats. You will be able to inspect networks and identify vulnerabilities for individuals and businesses when you earn the CEH certification. This certification will allow you to assess security systems and identify vulnerabilities.
Ethical hacking teaches professionals in five phases. Each phase provides indicators that can be used to identify vulnerabilities. The only internationally recognized certification that provides expertise in all phases is the Certified Ethical Hacker certification.
CEH is part of network assessments that are ongoing, penetration testing, or other risk assessment techniques.
Cybercrime threats and risks have increased with the advancement of technology and the rise in new technology. Ethical hacking has become a core skill for network security professionals.
Data science is now an integral part of businesses around the globe. It is therefore crucial to have strong data and information asset security systems.
Organisations should be concerned about malicious hackers. They are always looking for ethical hackers who can protect their data and digital assets.
Professionals have more options and revenue streams due to the growing demand for ethical hackers. This industry will only continue to grow with the global rise in data over the next ten years.
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Who should pursue a CEH certification?
Every certification training program is targeted at a specific audience. This holds true for CEH as well as other cyber security certifications. This certification is available to anyone interested in ethical hacking as an occupation, particularly if you have held the following roles:Information Security (InfoSec), Administrator/ Analyst
InfoSec Officer
InfoSec Specialist/ Manager
InfoSec Security Engineer
InfoSec Professional
Information Technology (IT) Auditor
Analyst for risk/ Threat analyst/ Vulnerability analyst
Administrator of the system
Administrator of the network
Network engineer
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