Rapid agency growth is easy to dismiss as “a good problem” but it can also bring down any team with its high-stress, sink or swim challenges. Growing pains can be a trial by fire, from team burnout and too many hats to outdated documentation and misalignment among departments.

What are the factors that make some agencies thrive in the face rapid change?

Watch our first ever Live Consulting event featuring Michelle Annett (Senior vice president of Strategy & Creative Development at Scorpion), and Brian Kessman, founder and principal consultant of Lodestar Agency Consulting.

Michelle shares her agency’s growth spurt with Brian, who interprets and diagnoses her experience using his expertise in designing agency operating model designs.

We then came up with solutions to some of the remaining challenges.

This is an opportunity to see two agency veterans identify the root causes and paint a picture about an organization’s future operational model. It is a primer on organizational design that offers many forward-thinking ideas you can use to improve your organization’s performance.