I have a small garden. Last summer, I lived between two homes. I had grown runner beans in my Paris apartment’s backyard the summer before. But, I’m certain that the plant’s growth was stunted by the constant smoking of my neighbors. Perhaps it was the lack of water.
I have borders and a patio for pots this year. Even a shed. I don’t like going too far inside the shed because of the spiders, and other creatures, that have made their home there. I am outside at the first light, pulling up weeds and lamenting about the damage done to my bulbs.
I am passionate about gardening, but not very good. This year, I have planted:
Carrots (expiry date on pack: 2007
Parsnips (from a megapack which expired last year).
Runner beans (one of the pots has been reopened, but the other is still mysteriously quiet).
Potatoes (these are doing very well, but you don’t have to tend them).
Peas (two out of five have been able so far to come up).
Mixed salad leaves (some of which are eaten by slugs).
Rhubarb (all of its contents have been eaten by slugs).
There are four types of herbs, two of them identical.
Chillies (which I won’t eat but came with a magazine).
Tomatoes are a huge success! Three baby plants placed on the windowsill

Gardening is a great escape from the monotony of office life. It’s outside for one. It feels like I spend way too much time in the office at the moment. Plants grow when they feel like growing, without any complicated thought processes and scheduling.
It’s still very project-oriented for me. I keep a Gardening Journal in which I record what I ordered, what I planted, and how many times. You will also find a section for Garden Projects. I have a great idea to build a garden bed at the end my garden to house colour-matched bedding plants. Although I don’t know when it will happen, I have planned what I need to do, where the new bed will be, what resources I will require, and the dependencies between each task. I have not yet established the timescales. Maybe that’s why the percent is at zero. Let me know what you think!