Everybody wants to find a job that is both rewarding financially and mentally. For those who are able to multitask and lead, Project Management is a great career choice. You’re either a Project Manager aspiring or an experienced PMP(r). This article will provide more information on the various PMP(r jobs you can choose. Continue reading to find out about the 10 highest-paying job opportunities in project management.
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A Little About PMP(r), Certification
The Project Management Institute (PMI), in a survey conducted in 2019, interviewed approximately 9,000 project managers. According to the research, the average project manager without a PMP(r), certification in the United States earned $100,247. This is a great salary, right?
Be careful. An average PMP(r), certified project manager earns $123,314. This is a remarkable 23% increase over a non-PMP (r)-certified professional.
A PMP(r), if you are a project manager who is looking for a better salary, can help you reach new heights. The PMI recommends that project managers who are responsible for leading, directing, and managing cross-functional teams obtain a PMP(r).
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PMP(r), Jobs with the Best Pay
A PMP(r),-certified project manager can work with many industries. A project manager’s expertise can lead to a high level of remuneration.
It also depends on your experience and skills in a specific field. You can get a PMP(r), depending on your geographic location, if you have the right certification in project scopes. This will allow you to land a job with a salary of up to $100k per year.
Construction Project Manager
A construction project manager, also known by the road warrior, is responsible for managing all aspects of a project, including planning, coordination, and monitoring. They must manage multiple sites under time constraints and adverse conditions.
This job includes managing construction sites and managing the team’s productivity within budget constraints. Construction managers are required to manage the team, whether they are responsible for the development of new infrastructures or the renewal and maintenance of existing ones.
A bachelor’s degree is required in construction management, civil engineering or building science to be a successful candidate for a career as a construction manager.
A project manager in construction can make up to $150k. They can expect to earn more than $81k per year on average.
Engineering Project Manager
Engineers are among the smartest people on the planet. But they can get too caught up in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. An engineering project manager is a person who ensures that engineers pay attention to details and complete the task within the deadline.
A project manager in engineering supervises large-scale projects, ensures maximum productivity, and delivers the project within budget. They also manage the client end and ensure that their needs are met. An engineering project manager is essential for ensuring that a project succeeds.
This job involves managing all aspects of project design, creating reports that comply with regulations and creating parameters. These project managers work closely alongside engineers to solve problems as they arise. This is why they need to be quick thinkers.
They must be able to apply engineering principles and have a good understanding of the job requirements. The ideal candidate is someone with an engineering background, or a bachelor’s in a related field.
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