by dotbenjamin via Flickr
I am happy to announce that Travis Anderson, a friend and frequent contributor to this site, recently had an article he wrote published by the PMI College of Performance Management’s quarterly newsletter “Measureable news”.
It’s a great article about Activity Based Costing that I encourage you to read. His article is on page 24. Travis, congratulations! I am glad you endured all my pestering to get you started writing about project management. I hope to see more of your work in the future.
Side note: I am preparing to publish my first book, “Your WBS Coach”. It’s a great project and I am very excited.
This book is primarily for new project managers and “accidental”, project managers who may not use the work breakdown structure to their advantage. It will be particularly useful for non-formal or pseudo project managers who want to become more disciplined in their approach. ?
It’s not yet available, but you can find more information at The release date is Tuesday, January 26th.