It is said that “Time and tide wait no man” or “An ounce worth gold won’t buy an inch of your time”. To succeed in any area of life, one must understand the value and importance of time. Time management is the art of managing time efficiently so that the right activities are done. It is an important part of our personal and professional lives as well as in our organizations. There are many time management techniques that can be used, and some of these are an important part project management.
Rules of Time Management
This involves several steps:
1. Effective Planning
You can’t control things if you don’t have a plan. You can’t manage things effectively if you don’t have time planning.
Make a “To Do” List
Write down the most important activities that you must do in a given time period.
Prioritize high-priority work
Finish each task one at a time
Please mark the ones that you have completed
If you have completed your previous task, don’t start new work.
You must complete the tasks within the time limit.

It is notable that more than 90% of project managers use Microsoft Project to plan their projects. They also take part in MS Project courses to improve their planning skills.
2. Setting goals and objectives
Set clear goals and objectives. Be realistic and reachable in your goals

3. Set Deadlines
You are the best person to set deadlines. Decide the time and duration you will need to complete the task.
Set deadlines for yourself
Be persistent to complete the task within the deadlines
Take control of your work
Use a planner to mark important dates and adhere to the deadlines

4. Delegation of Responsibilities
Delegate the Roles & Responsibilities based on skills and interests
You can’t do it all on your own
Learn to say “No!” at work
Accept the work only after you have fully understood the problem.

5. Prioritizing activities
Prioritize the task based upon urgency and importance
Learn to discern between urgent and important tasks
Do the important task first
Identify the task that must be completed in a given time frame (e.g., a day, a month).

6. Spending the right amount of time on the right activity
Make it a habit to do the right thing at just the right time.
Don’t waste your entire day on something that can be done in an hour.
It is useless to do work at the wrong time.

Time management is about being focused, organized, and making the most of your time.
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Time Management Techniques
There are many time management methods in the industry. These time management techniques can be used in a productive way to increase your productivity. Project managers often use project management tools to effectively manage their time when managing projects. A MS Project training course will help you improve your planning skills.
We will list a few tips that will help you manage your time effectively.
1. Get Things Done
A five-step approach to time management is one that converts tasks into a simple ‘To Do’ list.
First, capture: Write down all tasks that come to your mind.
Clarify: This is the second step.
The third step is organizing: You will need to file the tasks with different labels and contexts such as Office, Request From Manager, etc.
Fourth step: Reflect: You should review the tasks periodically. This is how you determine the next step for the task.
The final step is