• AWS CodeCommit is a fully managed source control system that hosts secure Git repositories.
  • Amazon Cognito is a tool that allows developers to add user sign up, sign in, and access control to Web or mobile apps.
  • Amazon DynamoDB is a key-value, document and key-value database that delivers single-digit millisecond performance on any scale.
  • Amazon IOT Solutions include device software, control services, and data services.
  • Amazon Kinesis allows users to ingest and buffer streaming data in real time.
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers scalability and data availability.
  • Amazon Simple Notification Service, (SNS), is a highly available and durable, secure, fully managed pub/sub messaging system that allows users to decouple microservices from distributed systems and serverless apps.
  • Amazon Simple Queue Service, (SQS), is a fully managed messaging queuing service that allows users to decouple and scale microservices and distributed systems.

This open-source offering follows a Knative Lambda Functions project that was released to the community. It allows AWS Lambda functions to be transferred to Knative. This is part of the company’s mission to make serverless computing portable across all cloud platforms. The company stated that serverless users should be able to move serverless functions from one cloud platform to another, or run them on-premise using their own serverless infrastructure. These targets include AWS Lambda and Microsoft Azure Functions as well as Knative/Kubernetes clusters.