Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, addressed the burning question: Will Microsoft Team Kill Email? Simona Millham, SPOTO trainer, addressed the burning question: Will Microsoft Teams Kill Email?
Here are some highlights from Simona’s webinar.
1:01 – Microsoft Teams Overview
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Start training1:22- Channels within Microsoft Teams1;36 – Threaded discussion2:10- Text formatting options (attachments and emojis)
4:00 – Adding new members to Microsoft Teams
4.18 – Notifications
4:45 – Pop-up notifications to @ mentions5:15 Activity notifications in the Navigation Pane
6:12 – Chatting With Individuals in Microsoft Teams
6:51 – Promoting video and audio chats
8:00 – Working in Microsoft Teams with Files
8:18 – Working in Microsoft Teams with files as tabs8:34 – Using files in conjunction with conversations
9:47 – Microsoft Teams Conversations and Tabs
10:00 – PowerBI in Teams (a shameless plug!) 10:29 – Microsoft Planner for Teams
11:03 – Maximum 999 members in a single team!
11:24 – Outlook Tips & Tricks
11:31 – Show as Conversations option11:36 – Clean up feature14:50 – Ignore conversations16:00 Email etiquette tip: Don’t hijack existing conversations to discuss new topics!16.12 – Instant Messaging (IM), Reply to emails16:48 – Conversation history storing IMs17.13 – Using automated replies for communication preferences
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